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BullGuard antivirus is a private company headquartered in the united kingdom. It provides products for internet security for both businesses as well as consumers. The company was founded in 2001, Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has been spread in United Kingdom, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Australia San Mateo and also San Diego. The company provides different security products like:

Web Security Services

    • Internet Security Plus
    • Business Endpoint Protection
    • Internet Security Complete
    • Business Mobile Protection 
    • Internet Security Complete

    It is the product for the security of the computer. It is a software program fit all for the Microsoft Windows. The company releases a regular update on a regular interval with better and best version. Specialties of this suite are as follow:

    Internet Security Complete is an anti-spyware and antivirus that also provides SaaS cloud protection.It also provides the capability of file sharing, a password management service, anti-phishing, secure browsing, email anti-spam, and registry cleaner. This was the product that was highly praised by the users because this suite had an intuitive interface which is very easy to use. Users also like this suite because it has some good features like:

Problems with the Antivirus Software

Real-time Protection Shield

An effective firewall capable to filter network traffic automatically as per the already selected profile Browsing protection that shows the rating of the links displayed in search research. This suite has also been equipped with a set of extensive features for privacy and identity protection. People also like its Share and Sync features. The suite has also been sported with the integrated password management tools. Thus this suite had a number of features that were liked by a number of people.

Impact On System

  • Like other antivirus affects the system so it does. In the test, it has been found that after installing this suite, the system is affected as follows:
  • Total boot time of system increases around 18 percent
  • The total time of webpage loading increases around 19 percent.
  • Total time of copying and moving of bulk files also increases around 1 percent.
  • Likewise, their several tasks that take a somewhat longer time after installing this suite.

This is one such an antivirus that has received several certification and awards. This software has been given the International Computer Security Association. Antivirus must function properly for the proper protection of the system. Time to time, users need Support for Bullguard for dealing with technical issues which put your system at risk. There are some third-party companies that offer 24x7 hours technical support so that you can deal with all kind of technical issues instantly without going through any kind of problems. While using antivirus or protection our devices with it, we sometimes go through several problems due to which we fail to use these program properly. There are several customer care services that are always ready to help so that you can get rid of all problems related to the antivirus instantly.  

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