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When we discuss emails Hotmail is the name which comes in the mind. Hotmail has every reason why their customers just stick to the email services. Hotmail provides you with huge space to save your data, attachment services up to 10 Gb which helps in transferring documents easily. Let’s talk about both the emails advantage over other email services as Hotmail is leading service provider being used for personal and professional uses.

Basically, we all know that any technical issue can lead to a major problem if not resolved correctly. Then whether it be any device or your device internal software, these all require essential support from technical support team. That is the reason, this gave high rise to customer care team, who through Gmail support number, provide best solution for each and every problem. Whereas, the issues are many,

Hotmail is growing day by day because of the services and standard they maintain to secure the account.

  • Spam Filtering

Gmail filter advertising spam, viruses, and phishing attempts.

  • Integration Microsoft excel

Use and edit all the documents directly

  • Search

Search through spam and trash folders, so you have results that are more likely to be relevant.

  • Space, Space, and More Space.

Gmail storage space is shared across Google accounts including Google Drive. As of this writing, the free storage space is 15 Gb for all accounts, but you can buy additional storage space.

  • Free POP and IMAP

Email services from Google competitors would charge for POP access. 

  • Hotmail help services

Introduces experimental add-ons and features through Hotmail support. This lets you decide which features you’d like to use while they’re still being developed.

  • Offline Access

Through Hotmail, you can use this offline mode feature.


    Hotmail is being used by professionals for various reasons which are mentioned below:

    • Security

    Https is there in hotmail for secure emails. For logging in and browsing emails.

    • View, Edit and Share Office Docs

    Edit, View and share documents without downloading it.

    • Real-Time Document Collaboration

    If 2 people are working on a same document at the same time then you can do this easily in the new Hotmail. Click the file, which should be present on the Skydrive of the sender of the document.

    • Edit and Reply

    You can edit and send document directly when two persons are working on it.

    • Send Huge Files

    It is possible to send up to 10 GB files in a single mail with Skydrive.

    •         One Click Filter


    This filter will allow you to filter emails with social updates, emails from regular contacts and from groups easily.

     Overall, Hotmail definitely looks promising. Some of the features are innovative and aren’t there in any other email tools including Yahoo. Get most of it without any technical glitches with Hotmail customer support services only at Hotmail tech support number.